The Word

The Word

(reading time approx. 1 ½ minutes)

I have a friend, who challenged my acumen,
With a word that nonplussed me, to my chagrin.
It was hard to say it,
Or spell to display it,
Even understand what I would use it in.

Now this word is ONOMATOPOEIA, that’s it,
It was not in my lexicon, so be it.
But I looked it up,
And there it was, yup,
Bolden in type, for anyone to see it!

What does it mean, and what is its use?
Webster’s definition, to me, is all news.
It’s for words when spoke,
The sound it will evoke,
A quack for a duck or honk for a goose.

Where the spoken word is the same as the sound,
In all the dictionaries that I have found,
For cymbals it’s clang,
Or a gun, it is bang,
Such audible examples are all around.

Meow from cats, boom from a cannon, and so,
Bow-wow for a dog, and caw caw for a crow.
Now I understand,
The lesson at hand,
It’s a word I’ll never use, except for show.

If I feel pedantic, and wish to impress,
Those who will listen, whilst I express,
Useless information,
To liven conversation,
But it’s sometimes amusing, nevertheless.