piano teacher

The Piano Teacher

There are people whom we meet, the memory of whom will never fade,

Because of what they have bestowed and the impressions they have made.

I will always cherish one particular lady and her talent she does share,

Which has inspired me to accept inherited gifts, enhancing my savoir-faire.


‘Tis not ‘til we reflect and examine what our dedications can yield,

Regardless of which talent or profession we chose to field.

The most important contributor to our success is the one who made it be,

The teacher, the inspiring provider, or professor, be they a he or she.


A talented person deserves no plaudits for gifts which have been inherited,

It’s only the dedicated, who hone aptitudes, who deserve to be merited.

If I were God and selected chosen ones upon whom I would endow,

Gifts of talent I would want them to use it, right here and right now.


I will always remember the piano teacher, who taught me to give thanks,

For what I could do by accepting my gift, and filling in the blanks.

I will never be great, nor do I expect to excel, but what I do know now,

I will always need my teacher to reach new goals and who will show me how.

Chamber Music, Violin and Piano 'Kreutzer Sonata'  by R. Prinet.  Painting late 19th century or early 20th century showing man with violin and woman at piano embracing.  (Love and the piano). Beethoven