The Dinky Moore Trolley

(This is not actual trolley but exactly the same kind)
(reading time approx. 5 minutes)

I was in love very young, to be accurate I was only four.
Yet the love I shared then, was like none thereafter, nor before.
The love of my life was my Grandmom, her given name was Nell.
She loved me from the first day I was born, a story she used to tell.

Mom and Dad had to work, it was depression and they were rarely there.
When they got home each day, I was usually in bed, we really couldn’t share.
The fun I had was during the day, when Mom and Dad were working away.
When I awakened in the morn, they were gone, I was with Grandmom all the day.

I remember always being with her, each and every day,
Taking walks, singing songs, and the games we used to play.
My Grandmom Nell had a hobby, that she liked so much,
Riding the trolley car dressed in fancy clothes, that I liked to touch.

The Dinky Moore was a name, the townsfolk gave this tiny trolley,
Short and noisy, just two wheels each side, but lots of fun to ride by golly.
It only held 24 passengers, 12 on each side,
But when Grandmom started singing, it was just like a hayride.

It just cost a nickel to ride all day long, two could ride on a dime.
When we boarded the trolley, we were in for a good time.
My Grandmom was a music lady, and sang songs day and night,
When we rode the Dinky Moore trolley, she made a dull day quite bright.

Grandmom sang every day at home, and on the Dinky Moore trolley too.
People would take a ride just to sing along, like Grandmom Nell would do.
Most old timers will remember Sophie Tucker, from back in the thirties,
Grandmom Nell sang her same songs, from thirties and the twenties.

The Dinky Moore was one of those one-way trolleys, that didn’t turn around.
Motormen moved to the other end and reversed seats, to go back in town.
There were only a few of these trolleys on this line, with just one place to by-pass,
A sheltered spot for riders, where trolley cars could stop and wait to pass.

At the busy times of the day, when the workers were going or coming home,
They looked for Nellie to be on the trolley, and sing them a song or a poem.
It was a great way to brighten their mood after a hard days work,
A bonus for a worker with music on the trolley, was always a happy perk.

Yes I remember my first love, it was Grandmom Nell, singing in the Dinky Moore.
She showed me great happy times almost every day, when I was only four.
We both got our jollies, by riding the trolleys, and singing both going and coming.
Yes I was in love and it felt real good, it was a highlight in my early upcoming.

Being little as I was, my energy was in high gear, and I was active all day.
Grandmom would need a gap, to take a nap, but I still wanted to play.
After school hours was another exciting time, Gracie came to mind me.
Wow, was that my bonus, you should see Gracie, she was a sight to see.

Gracie was the kind men would leave home for, and I can see why,
Especially in shorts and blossoming as she was, she could have any guy.
We did things while Grandmom napped, that I can’t even describe,
But I will remember them always, some even better than my trolley ride.

But I don’t want to get off the point, this story is about the Dinky Moore ride.
And even though I loved my Grandmom, I can’t put Gracie aside.
She wore me out just minding me, and after dinner I was ready for bed.
That’s why I saw little of Mom and Dad, it was Grandmom and Gracie instead.

There is much more to tell, but this is the end of the trolley story.
Many things happened after this episode, in my youthful repertory.
But I can never forget Gracie, she out-shone them all, but only as second best,
Grandmom was my first love, then Gracie the sitter, was better than all the rest.