The Crimson Cowboy

(reading time under 3 minutes)


 Just take a gander at that pretty picture, it’s for real.

Makes you think a cowboy’s life is like a movie, ideal.

Pretty skies, gentle horses, a nice evening breeze,

But it ain’t nothin’ like that, you’re either melt’n or ya freeze.


Cattle don’t take days off, neither do cowhands that tends them,

If’n it rains or snows, you gotta stick it out, a.m. and p.m.

No matter what the weather you gotta’ eat or die,

You rustle up victuals your ownself, and there ain’t no apple pie.


When I watched cowboys in them wild-west movie show’ns,

I wanted to be just like ‘em when I got big and done with my grow’ns.

I wanted a horse just like Hop-along Cassidy’s, and a cowboy hat,

Fancy saddle, shiny boots, and a real six-shooter, how ‘bout that.


It sure looked good to me as a little kid dreamin’ of the west,

The stories and movies I saw seemed that cowboys was the best.

But when I was all growed-up and took as trip out there,

I felt what the cowboys felt, heat and cold I could hardly bare.


But ya’ know as I think is over, and if’n I had my druthers,

It ain’t no place for bein’ alone, you need a family and brothers.

When I was a boy them Injuns were still pretty scrappy,

Unless you carried gifts for them they weren’t all that happy.


I remember ‘bout them pioneers that explored the west,

Came back and told stories ‘bout enduring their quest.

It sure weren’t easy, fight’n wild things n’weather all the way,

But I still get excited just dreamin’ that I’d do it some day.


Everybody has dreams of things, they ain’t done,

I sure ain’t no exception, I do it every day but to me it’s fun.

 Dreamin’ of places I ain’t never seen, n‘spect I never will,

I’m and old timer now, but it still gives me a thrill.


My dreams won’t never come true, if’n it were to be it was up to me,

I sure had my chances to be where I wanted to be.

But I chose other things that was easiest to get,

‘N I done right well as an old timer now, ‘n I ain’t got no regret.