The Artist’s Creation

(Reading time 2 minutes)

As the artist paints, and makes a creation,

Both sweat and toil, will make a donation.

The results can be dramatic,

Rendering viewers ecstatic,

All artists crave praise, and approbation.


Most artists are poor, during creative times,

“Greats” sold paintings for nickels and dimes.

For food on their table,

It’s what makes them able,

To stay alive and create in their prime.


Artist put sweat and blood in their stuff,

But finding a buyer is sometimes tough.

If it can’t be sold,

From what I am told,

Auctions rarely reward with money enough.


If money’s no object, there is a way,

And brings recognition, to the artists forte.

Display it on a café wall,

Then someone, with wherewithal,

Will want it, and buy it, to save the day.