Search for Salvation

Search for Salvation

In a Search for hope beyond the present,

I find that some churches teach,

“It is their way or no way”,

and that’s the message they preach.


I feel uneasy to hear from the pulpit,

in a church of God that I seek,

condemnation of non member souls,

when their preachers speak.


As I muse with my thoughts,

I cannot visualize, that every departed soul, must forever agonize,

With the loss of heaven, and pains of hell,

Just because of inherited beliefs, which are perfectly natural.


The curious part is that that no one really knows,

none has been there, thus we can only suppose,

that someone somewhere, started our creation,

with the first amoebae or first atom formation.


I am occasionally asked to present invocations,

for friends of all faiths, and many denominations.

I search for acceptable words, so as not to offend,

one’s family beliefs from where they descend.


When talking with a patient in a hospital one day,

he asked if I were one, who did ever pray.

Yes I said, I believe that God is the creator of man,

for without God, who or what created our life plan?


A person who creates something or anything whatever,

cannot be denied as the one whose endeavor,

made something exist, that theretofore did not,

very much like Adam or Eve, from what were they begot?.


Some folks deny a God and heaven, which leaves no reason to pray.

Such a choice is a faith in itself, but offering no solace or future, per se.

We may choose a spiritual path, and journey with a religious selection,

but most choices still follow, our Mom and Dad’s direction.


Choosing from religions, and of theologies I don’t understand,

preaching Fire, Brimstones, devils, demons, and sermons all canned,

turn me off and create chasms of creditability, more resembling a sham.

The objective of my search is just to be the very best of whatever I am.


In the pursuit of my quest, and desire to belong,

My choice is not the one and only one, but I know it’s not wrong.

Like the search for the holy grail, eternal and unending,

What I seek is the final reward, which awaits my soul,

and my body’s earthly ending.  A M E N