Poetic Prose?

(reading time approx. 5 minutes)


 Until last month I fashioned myself a poet of several forms,

But a “rhymer” may be a better name among accepted norms.

I found myself surrounded by poets more talented than I,

In a critique session, with techniques I did not ever try.


Some choose free styles, rhymes, verse or prose, to express,

Dictionaries define prose as being opposed to verse or poetry more or less.

Therefore, let us not think of ourselves as a poet laureate,

Until we depart from phrases, or word groups not well met.


I search for words, to create what some writers claim,

Is just simple “lay rhyming”, but that’s the name for my game.

If the sentences don’t rhyme, or have some kind of meter,

Why then is it called a poem, how then opines the reader?


In these first three stanzas, I made each line rhyme,

Coupling with the next line, and I did it each time.

That is my simple way, writing stanzas two by two,

It can also be with other lines, which next I shall do.


In the other forms, which I will sometimes eschew,

I seek varied opportunities to express my thought.

This verse, may be easier to read all the way through,

Using this alternate form, to convey what I have sought.


What is easy for you, may be cumbersome for me.

The form you espouse, may be how you will be known.

Classic rhymes are not for those without skill, I agree,

But whatever style you may choose, you will not be alone.


Limericks can challenge your skill,

With formulas to use if you will.

Rules say aa-bba,

That’s what they say,

Maybe this style will fill your bill.


 Limericks like this, require some skill,

With formulas to use, if you will,

There are rules to use,

Being careful to choose,

Counting syllables from your word mill.


There are many methods, which most poets know,

If I wish to ameliorate my conceptions,

I must understand more than I know to grow,

And hone my skills, and my perceptions.


Styles from the Orient are an enigma to me,

I’ll need more learning, if for me they are to be.

I don’t understand them, counting this or counting that,

It’s definitely not, where I am comfortable writing at.


This verse, which I write now, is without rhyme, rhythm or meter.

It’s my attempt to explore a fitting place for some form of prose.

Writing words, does not make one a poet by any means.

Lacking artistic construction does not fit, in my scheme of things.


What some call prose, I find no recognizable structure.

Void of patterns, it is anything but artistic.

I see this line as basic verse, certainly not particularly laudable.

It may be defined as prose, but where is an art form, pray tell?


I enjoy reading free style, it pleases me somewhat.

 What I have read by the masters, has an entertaining flow.

Free style, more verse than poetic, I find lightly ebullient.

I enjoy flowing along, with well-chosen words in their stanzas.


Now verse is quite different, as I observe,

 Usually with some meter and occasional hint of rhyme,

A structured non-rhyming poetry, free flowing most times,

Much like a rhyme, albeit in a different pleasing form.


I take my writing seriously, yet I have no formal training.

Composition is what mine is all about, choosing words to be poetic.

Random words without rhyme or metering, is like letter writing to me,

If it is poetry, should there not be therein, metering, rhyme or rhythm?


Prose may be a creation, but lacking artfully chosen structure?

I wrote this stanza, with no prescription or pattern.

Yet I could rewrite the same message, employing some creativity,

Balancing or rhyming my words, with a more pleasant cant.


I’ll never learn all poetic ways, to write in each way,

Or even learn the names of all ways, per say.

I never wrote a sonnet, an ode, nor a ballad,

I don’t know the code or how to go about it.


Can you write Haiku? Most writers can’t even spell it.

It is an ever-existing challenge, to emulate the greats.

Longfellow, Shakespeare, Emerson and Poe,

They’ve become famous, but did they all know?


May one poetize, without some recognizable form?

 No? Then call prose what it is, a note, a memo, a letter or an essay.

Some readers may consider this work as waxing poetic.

It could be prose of a sort, nothing memorable, but I wrote it.


 You read it, and I’m glad.