I have always been careful, about selecting my friends.

There are scores of candidates, who may pretend to be.

It reminds me of my Granddad, who warned ‘It depends,

If you are accepted as you are, completely, condition free.”


Who are my true friends, I remember a few in my time.

Some who required no conditions that I must to accept.

A “comfortable feeling buddy”, no special reason or rhyme,

From handshake to now, a friendship unmarred and kept.


A true friend is one, unconditionally trusting of me,

Like accepting my relationship, with a beloved daughter.

Such displays a trust, of the highest degree.

 Indeed a real friend, of an extraordinary order.


Few people can say with absolute certainty, “I have a friend.”

The word is used loosely, for an acquaintance or a crony.

But when push comes to shove, friends stand by ‘til the end,

When I know you would, then I would too, that’s no baloney!