Old Guys, Young Gals

I stopped at a restaurant on my way out west,

At a village with a population of 200, at best.

Just one other customer and me, with one waitress for us two,

She was a pretty lady but no spring chicken, I guess about 72.


Now I’m in my eighties but still have an admiring eye,

I look but don’t touch unless encouraged by and by.

It’s surprising when a younger lady takes a shine to me,

I might admire them but I don’t get fresh you see.


Past loves have taught me to be gentle and kind,

And be a proper gentleman all of the time.

I once thought it best a mate be close to my age,

 At least in the same generation stage.


After some experiences I found age wasn’t important at all,

It’s enjoying each other’s company for a long or a short haul.

I now know the pleasure just having a soul mate,

To share the joys and concerns which we can both relate.


This time is ours, maybe just days together,

For our moments of passions and pleasure.

Youth is wonderful but when it’s out of reach,

Even in a final hour, there’s still one for each.