Pennsylvania Dutch Country (2)

Lonesome Dove

(reading time 1 minute)


Pennsylvania Dutch have endless sayings and stories,

All of which are laden with wisdom and humor.

They are quoted for teaching, in all categories,

Ranging from, making love to making war.


Axioms are therein for children, and also the old folks.

Many are learned from kindergarten through college,

Momma teaches the children with them, and Poppa tells jokes.

By eighth grade, they can be common knowledge.


Most of us recognize, those quoted quite often,

Like “If you want to live, you’ve gotta get old.”

Or “Better a wooden bed than a golden coffin.”

How about, “As slow as molasses when it is cold.”


All Pennsylvania Dutch sayings, are well thought-of,

And when push comes to shove, or shove comes to push,

My favorite is the little girl holding the dove,

Reminding us, “A bird in the hand, is worth two in the bush”