Cheers to a person, who will make a stand,

Tell it like it is, and take command.

Hone skills for leadership, at beckon call,

Doing what you do know, shows us all.


The one unknown is, how far is our horizon,

Or from what great depths, we can ascend and rise in.

But by trusting the process, we will learn on the way,

And by our choices can succeed, in most any way.


I have discovered I am a creator, and now I see,

That if it is to be, it is up to me.

I now know what I don’t know, that’s plenty indeed,

But also I know, what I do know, to make me succeed.


Leaders are the winners, but it is no accident,

They are ones who give, one hundred percent.

You can’t lead a charge, from the rear of the crowds,

So take a Journey, climb the Alps, put your head in the clouds.


Note: The bold type in this poem is quoted from one of the

personal growth courses called “The Journey” offered by TMC productions, Ft Myers. FL

Rhyming is by Russ Miller.