Just Another Miracle

When a baby is born, it challenges comprehension,

A new human being, entering our dimension.

Safely delivered, in mother’s birthing pod,

A creation only possible, by Almighty God.


Ten fingers and toes, all in the right place,

Nose and eyes, placed perfectly on their face.

A new real live person, starting to grow,

With all systems working, and ready to go.


This is a beginning, of another soul,

Who will shape its destiny, within human control.

And may reach new goals, we have not yet known,

In its future lifetime, which is only on loan.


As wise as some people, think that they are,

The greatest among men, cannot so far,

Create even one human cell, upon this earth,

The greatest of minds, are but a mortal’s worth.


As we see a new baby, a living reality,

We witness a power, beyond our mentality.

It is GOD who made the first man, you may recall,

For HIM it is “JUST ANOTHER MIRACLE”, that’s all.