Jerry Barr

Just a Country Boy

(Reading time 1 minute)

Time and again, I reflect upon,

The days of my youth, now done and gone,

I vividly recall, our house and the barn,

With 22 acres, like a gentleman’s farm.


Just a country boy, and no “Fancy Dan”,

But at only 16, I felt like a man,

I worked on some farms, after school,

Also drove the town taxi, a job real cool.


Living in the country, was a far, far cry,

From what city kids did, to pass their time by,

My school chums were men, no neighborhood gang,

We worked for our pocket money, ‘til the dinner bell rang.


When living in the country, you take it for granted,

But after a short time in the city, I was disenchanted,

Comparing country living, to a city dweller,

You can keep the city, it ain’t for this feller.