Hangin’ Up Your Spurs

(Reading Time 1.5 minutes)

When you arrive at our time in life, and you’ve done it all,

Young folks’ things ain’t fun no more, good old times seems pretty small.

Most important now, is choosin’ the right kind of pals,

 Lady friends is real important, we need them special gals.


When we start havin’ trouble, with our plumbing parts,

We gotta’ allow for changes, ain’t no more Jack Rabbit starts.

Nothin’s the same, like when we was wild once,

What made us giggle’ and moan then, is now mostly grunts.


Sittin’ by the fire, cooking up vittles, is a good time for learnin’,

 Swappin’ stories, while cookin’ grub, by a hot fire a’ burnin’.

Braggin’ about our conquests, and the fun things we done,

Now if we are kind and gentle to our lady, she’ll show us fun.


Life can be real rough at times, if’n we traveled an extra mile,

But to a weathered old cow hand, a lady’s love, is always worth-while.

Us old fellers should not be alone, comes days to share things, like his and hers,

Then comes the tender times, if’n you lived long enough, to just hang-up your spurs.