Getting God in Our Hearts

There are all kinds of men and everyone’s different.

Given that as truth, it’s a rare kind of gent,

Who has your same values and thinks like you,

And seeks salvation just as you do.


Nobody knows what is the absolute truth,

Finding right trails to a hereafter takes a real sleuth.

Going alone sampling all, is questionable study,

It’s better with a partner or a real good buddy.


You must make a choice before it’s too late,

If you want to see Saint Pete at a Pearly Gate.

 Be spiritually packed, ready to go anytime,

The Stairway to Paradise is a long steep climb.


Whichever path you follow, one lesson is the same,

Being kind to brothers and neighbors is everyone’s aim.

Stand by a window, hear a sermon and a hymn,

If you like what you hear, hobble your horse and go on in.