Founders of America

Founders of America

(reading time approx. 5 minutes)

My ancestors came from Germany to Pennsylvania in 1754,
The families arrived just before the Revolutionary war.
They didn’t have anything but old clothes and ancient tools,
Grandmom could sew and cook, their biggest asset was two mules.

Now life for them was unbelievable, as we know living today,
I ask my readers to just imagine, the pains in words I am to say.
Think of yourself as being part and a character in this story I tell,
Living as they must have done, was just a bit better than this side of hell.

To eat, the choices were limited, they slew it or grew it to eat it.
That went for shelter too, the options were only one, to build it.
There were no homes to buy, nor a place they could rent and call home.
There were only land grants for farms, and some acres to call their own.

Indians were on the warpaths, the French Indian war had just begun,
Nanticoke, Lenape, Iroquois, Delaware ‘n Shawnee, kept settlers on the run.
Adversity was on everyone’s plate, things we wouldn’t believe were real,
Then came the revolution, Washington’s army battled for another ordeal.

Since 1750, history records 55 wars where America sent men off to fight,
Men who originally came to America, to avoid being killed in a European plight.
Where is that land of the free and the brave, where men could be free?
I can’t find it in the history books, I haven’t seen it, “Oh say, can you see?”

If you talk of the good old days, better skip past the seventeen hundreds,
Daughters of the American Revolution bragged, if their men died in bloodsheds.
It was farmers who fed the settlers with corn, wheat, meat and cattle,
Washington’s troops starved and froze to death, in the Revolutionary battle.

In spite of horrible deaths and adversities, each generation went to war,
Since our country was born, it has been war after war and more.
Came half way ‘round the world to start a new life, then met the same old stuff,
Politics, religious differences, killings and wars, enough has not been enough.

Our ancestors came to America to make a new home and be free,
Stepped out of one war into another, to a future they couldn’t see.
Are there any leaders out there, who don’t know that our warriors must die?
Politicians start wars, draft troops, then send them to die with a blink of an eye.

What comes next? Is it World War 3, with high tech buttons to push?
Must it be an apocalypse where everyone perishes, is it a mad man’s rush?
No rocket scientist is needed, to make us aware,
The next bomb can be annihilation of everyone, everywhere.

It’s not hard to realize that what goes around, comes around,
Not one country in the world will hesitate to retaliate, with an Atomic rebound.
The news today makes us wonder, if there is any chance for anyone to survive.
Have leaders anywhere reflected, on just how precious life is and being alive?

Political talk is cheap, I don’t have the answers, but there is one thing I do know,
Threats, aggressions and wars beget wars. Losers rise, trying again from long ago.
An effective politician must be a negotiator, and bargain to save humanity,
Hope for future generations, is leaders with logical bargaining savvy and sanity.

Even families are divided by politics, as with territories since the world began.
Politics and religions separate loved ones, in their same otherwise loving clan.
We are not fed by the politicians, we must work and earn our way,
Did you ever know what the IQ’s of your politicians are, they won’t say.

If I were an advisor, on the Washington scene today,
I would reiterate at the opening bell each and every day,
That the first order of business, before the incumbent members,
Would be plans to save the world, before our remains are merely embers.

Political persuasions by demonstrating zealots, must not be paramount.
Waving flags and signs may feel good, but without solutions they don’t count.
Democrats think, everyone should think as they do, so do the Republican teams.
But with weapons now threatening the world, our futures may be only dreams.

All of our ancestors had the same dreams as we do today,
Life, liberty and the pursuit of happiness, and keeping madmen at bay.
Your ancestors and mine built America, to live fearlessly in peace.
You see what politicians have done, nothing but wars, and they won’t cease.

God help us. Amen

To view all of the wars in America, Google “Wars in America” and read the list of 55 wars since 1754, one after another. Republicans or Democrats, it didn’t matter. If you think your political party will keep us out of war, fasten your seat belts, hunker down and
“GET REAL!” (as the kids say)