Dreams of Adventure

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Adventurous dreamers, made this land our leasehold.

Strong men and women, courageous and bold,

Discovered the frontiers, that had not yet been seen,

Forging mountains, plains, forests, rivers and ravines.


Since the discovery of America, and even before,

Pioneers were eager, to explore and find more,

To find new places and anything, not yet found,

Enduring painful hardships, the whole year round.


It was no easy task, to follow one’s nose,

Dealing with Indians, some friendly, and some foes,

Not to mention grizzlies, wolves, scorpions and snakes,

Plus the sun, the rain, and blinding blizzard flakes.


You can’t let a frontiersman, just sit by a fire,

Waste away time, which incites his desire.

Give him a mount, and a packhorse or two,

And he will discover places, the world never knew.