Area 51

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Mounted high on a telephone pole in southern Nevada, near Roswell, New Mexico, is a sign with a depiction of a flying saucer. It’s lettered with the words, SELF PARKING.  I knew there was a story in the remains of America’s most mysterious installation, in New Mexico.  I investigated. Here’s what I discovered!

It seems that the story of the mysterious UFO, which crashed in Area 51 during 1947, was a bigger and totally different story to be told than we have heard so far. An associate with the LA Times was attending a family reunion in Nevada when she first met her Uncle, an 88-year-old physicist.  He worked for the U.S. Government in Area 51, at the time of the UFO incident.  He had been among a network of the survivors, who were physicists, scientists and engineers, all professionally tied to the base at the time.  There are many stories of a UFO crash, all of which leave more questions than satisfactory answers.  Even the most devoted conspiratorial theorists were shocked at the newly released claims about the saucer-shaped aircraft.

One of the men in the loop of engineers and scientists revealed that the flying machine was not a spacecraft at all, but actually a Soviet built, fiendish, top-secret aircraft. They believed the aircraft was piloted much like our present day, 21st century drones, that are used for observation in Afghanistan and Pakistan.  The craft however, had a diabolical mission.  It was designed to engender fear and stir panic by appearing as a vehicle for a manned alien invasion.

The story gets worse. This new information comes from sources who had actually been there, and seen the crashed craft, at Area 51.  This quasi space ship had been planned by non-other than the dictator Josef Stalin and his partner in terror – the heinous, infamous master of human torture and horror, the murderer of thousands of souls, Doctor Josef Mengele. Mengele specially selected the unfortunate occupants of the craft. They were personally disfigured, child sized adolescents, who were human experiments – products of Dr. Mengele.

There were four occupants in the craft. Three survived.  Where are the survivors or their remains today?  This information came as a result of newly declassified top-secret findings, researched by an author writing a book on the mysteries of Area 51. The writing was challenged as thinly sourced and outrageous.  The findings may be flawed in the accuracy, but why would the relaters of the stories, in this network of old men – engineers, physicists, scientists – volunteer to tell their stories, and all agree on this newly revealed information?  If they were all there when this was happening, what was to be gained by telling the story at their late age in life? At this writing, the men are all in their late 80’s, some in their 90’s.   Why was it classified for so many years?  Where did they get the information on the Soviet mission to terrorize the Americans?  How did the public find out about the conspiracy between Stalin and Mengele?

If you don’t completely believe this story, do you believe in flying saucers or UFOs?  You might just enjoy a cup of coffee with a group of airline pilots who have flown big passenger jets and hear them exchange their stories. Many pilots have their story to tell about UFOs.  Some tell of their experiences with “tag along UFO’s” beside their planes, which just disappear into nothingness, at the blink of an eye.

The recent declassification of top-secret information supplied a wealth of information and fodder for literary cannons of aspiring writers of stranger than fiction novels.  Area 51, where it all happened, doesn’t even officially exist as an official government installation. It could now be an interesting tourist attraction, possibly an Area 51 campground and state park.

Mankind once thought that the earth was the center of the universe. Now with the invention of super telescopes and space travel, we realize that the earth is but a flyspeck in the scheme of the universe. You are less than a pinpoint in the face of the earth.   Where do we go from here? In ten years, five years, one year?  It will be at a place in time beyond present human imagination. Even now, what is happening is beyond the comprehension of the most inventive writers.  Think not?  Then think back in your life, for any given number of years.   Would you have then believed what is happening now?  Hardly!  Would you believe that by owning a cell phone, or an iPhone, that you cannot hide from anyone any more, anyplace on the planet, nor probably even in space. Welcome to the new world.

The story of 1988 was kid’s stuff.  Hang around. You ain’t seen nothin’ yet. Buck Rogers, Flash Gordon, move over. Here we come.