An Old Dog and a New Trick

  I often times wonder, how much we can learn,

Learning what I don’t know, is my big concern,

They say advances, since the days of pioneers,

Will pale in comparison to the next ten years,


From wind up Victrolas, cats whisker radio sets,

Now its rockets, computers, and high flying jets,

Today’s generation use terms like, “exponential gain”,

Just trying to spell such words, taxes my brain.


Electronic gadgets, have their own funny jargon,

Can’t tell if you’re snookered, or getting a bargain.

At the age that you can afford these fancy things,

You forget what to push, when the telephone rings.


Folks talked me into, getting in step with the times,

If for just writing letters, or typing up rhymes,

So I bought a computer, a simple “low tech’er”,

The best thing I found yet, is the built in spell checker.