Angel sent from Heaven

An Angel sent from God

(Reading time 5 minutes)
In the 1980’s, my wife Winnie and I stopped for lunch, at Lehman’s Tavern in Essington, Pennsylvania. Winnie noticed that our waitress was wearing an unusually pretty angel pin on her blouse. When the waitress asked, “May I help you, please?” Winnie commented on the especially attractive pin. The waitress asked if we would like to hear the story of how she came in possession of this uniquely beautiful angel pin. “Of course!” we responded.
It seems that “once upon a time”, she was shopping at her local food market. Upon leaving, she noticed an elderly woman with a bag of groceries, leaning against the building. With her head in her hand, just outside the doorway, she was apparently distressed.  Feeling that something was wrong, the waitress approached the lady and asked if she could be of help.  The lady said that she was just resting, until she could get up enough strength to carry her groceries home.  At that, the waitress offered to drive the woman to her home.  The lady gratefully accepted.  The waitress then helped the frail old lady into the car for the ride home, just a few blocks away, all up hill.  When they got to the lady’s apartment, she thanked the waitress and said, “Now, after I get these groceries up into my kitchen and put away, I can rest. Then, I will be just fine.”  The waitress said, “If you will allow me, I’ll carry the groceries up and into your apartment for you.”  “Bless you”, said the lady.  They climbed 13 outdoor, concrete steps up the terrace, and then went two more flights indoors to her second floor apartment. The waitress obligingly also put the groceries away in the lady’s overhead cabinets and in her refrigerator. 
The lady blessed and thanked the waitress. As the younger woman was parting, the elderly lady mumbled something. The waitress turned and asked, “What did you say?”  “Goodbye my angel”, the lady said. ”Why did you say that”, the waitress asked?  The lady explained. As she was leaving the market, she prayed that God would somehow send her an angel to help her get home, two blocks up hill, then give her the strength to climb 3 flights of the steps and put away the groceries in her kitchen.  She said, “Then you appeared and became my angel.”  The waitress was touched and also incredibly surprised, at which point, she opened her jacket and showed the lady the nametag on her waitress uniform. It read:  MY NAME IS ANGEL.  The lady raised her eyes to heaven and sighed a short prayer of thanks.  “Wait!” the lady said.  Going to her bureau drawer, she took out a little box, which she handed to Angel.  In the box was a gold pin fashioned as a beautiful angel.  That is the pin my wife admired when our waitress asked, “May I help you please? MY NAME IS ANGEL.”  
This kind and thoughtful waitress is Patty Angel.  She still wears that very same angel pin. She says she will always remember that day when she was chosen as an angel, dispatched by God, in answer to a supplication by a weary but faithful believer, in desperate need.  At this writing, Angel now owns a Child Care Center, which she named “Little Angels of Drexel Hill”.  This is her story and I still get tears retelling it to you.


Who are the angels?

Angels can be anyone, man, woman, girl or boy,

A butcher, a baker or those who they employ.

They can even be royalty, like a King or a Queen,

A doctor, an aide or a nurse on the scene.


Angels can be preachers, or the choir you see,

A waitress, a hostess, or the maître ‘d.

Or a jolly chef, who prepares you a meal,

Their identities they just, don’t reveal.


It’s what the angels do, that really does count,

Their concern for people is paramount.

Angels know their job, and do it with ease,

They don’t seek praise, but they aim to please.


You won’t know angels, by how they look,

You won’t find a true likeness, in a picture book.

Sometimes they’re obvious, by good deeds they sow,

But if they have wings, they just don’t show.


Summoning an angel, is not the way,

Yet they’re always out there, each night and day.

Just send up a prayer, that’s how you call,

It’s in heaven you know, where they keep them all.