An Angel By My Side

(Reading time 2.5 minutes)

I have often dreamed, that I’d write a book

A novel based on adventures, of which I partook,

Many times I sat down with a pen in hand,

Seeking appropriate words, to summon on demand.

I’m going to write a book!


I hobnob with the literary coterie’,

Where my ineptitudes may easily expose me,

But if I don’t flaunt them, they shan’t be the wiser,

And I can learn from them, as a casual adviser.

Yes, I’m going to write a book! 


Writing short stories is easy for me,

And I love to write poems, as you can see,

But when writing my book, as I truly intend,

I’ll need thousands of words, from beginning to end.

But, I’m going to write a book!


With heart and mind, all set for the task,

And a blank page, awaiting my cast,

of characters and places, for each era and event,

I’ll be a creator of the intrigue, which I shall invent.

I’m going to write a book! 


I sit at my computer, inspired and in command,

With my thoughts wafting into fantasyland,

Adding imagination, to the actual facts,

embellishing excitement, for added impacts.

I’m going to write a book!


 Oh yes, what wonderful drama, my book will entail,

If only I got started, it could be a whale of a tale,

But I’m still on the first page in chapter one,

And if I don’t stop dreaming, it will never get done.

But, I am going to write a book!


I know I could self-publish my meager writing,

By writing a check, but that’s not exciting,

I want to be lauded as an author renown,

And be celebrated when I come into town.

Yes, I am going to write a book!


 I expect trials and tribulations in the writing process,

Before my book will ever hit the printing press,

If first I don’t succeed, I shall try and try again,

I will never give up my writing, for I have a plan,

I’m going to write a book. 


 I am sincere and committed, I want everyone to know,

I just can’t get rolling, because my mind wanders so.

I need a literary pusher, someone really qualified,

What I need to help me, is an Angel by my side.

Then you betcha’ by golly, I’ll write a book.