A Winner Every Time

Never did a nickel give so much satisfaction,

You could fill your tummy with a quick transaction.

No waiter nor waitress, just drop your nickels in,

They had the best slots in town, because you always win.


We loved H & H, it was a favorite dining spot,

Look in the little window and what you saw is what you got.

Oh what memories we shared with Philadelphians,

With the New Yorkers too, and their epicureans.


Always ready to eat with no wait or delay,

Just drop in the nickles for the automat buffet.

Sandwiches or soup, hot meals or cold,

Chicken or beef pot pies and deserts to behold.


Yes they were the greatest, a delight and a treat,

Just to see the machines that supplied meals complete,

It’s a memory that will live long in our hearts,

The inimitable one and only, Horn and Hardarts.