A Farm Boy’s Dream

(Reading time 1 minute)

To be in the barn, alone with a gal,

A dream girl, you betcha’ and how.

If She’d sit down beside me,

My heart would race inside me,

I wonder if I can I hug her, is it OK now?


Being alone with the girl of my dreams,

Makes me nervous and shy it seems.

If I make a move,

Would she approve,

What could I do if she screams?


I’ve got to arrange, just the right time,

The hay loft in the barn, would be just fine.

It engenders romance,

To take a chance,

Any day, any night, or anytime.


If I’m ever going find the right Miss,

One who also wants to hug and kiss,

I’ve got to get bolder

Before I get older,

And a roll in the hay would be bliss.